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DSWA-LogoThe Direct Selling Women’s Alliance began around a typical little kitchen table when a group of women shared a vision of providing an opportunity for others to live their lives more fully while balancing their personal and professional needs.  Never, in the 100 + year history of the direct selling profession, has there been an association dedicated to serving independent network marketers and party plan professionals.  Entrepreneurs from around the world now have a place to call their own… an alliance designed with their success in mind; an alliance to support the direct selling industry.

DSWA For Professional Entrepreneurs

Our goal is simple—to encourage direct selling professionals to see themselves as capable of being anything they want and fulfill their unique purpose.  Direct selling entrepreneurs deserve to feel and act with all their power, and the DSWA is designed to equip and inspire them to do just that.  The DSWA understands what it is like to lead with your heart while steering with your mind.  We bring the best of both worlds together as a way of allowing independent business owners to be fully engaged in all aspects of their life.

The DSWA is a community of like minded professionals who value the independence of having their own business.  We support them every step of the way through our resource rich website and leading edge virtual training courses relevant to the direct selling industry.  We enrich the industry by providing personal and professional training through collaborative leadership retreats and an annual convention called “Celebration,” with attendees representing hundreds of companies.  The DSWA also offer extensive benefits geared toward making life easier: options for health care, discounts on office supplies and rental cars, free e-books and much more.

Bringing a message of integrity and hope to a local level, the DSWA Chapter program connects women and creates grassroots communities.  These Chapter meetings educate and uplift, fulfilling the needs of local sellers across the globe.  Whether a novice or a top leader, all members are valued and acknowledged for who they are.  As an open and safe forum for sharing and growing, Chapter meetings allow attendees to learn powerful lessons from each other.

Direct Sales, Party Plan, Network Marketing Motivation

Direct selling, which includes party plan, network marketing and person-to-person sales, offers options to those recently unemployed or those whose jobs may be in jeopardy.  Sometimes, just a few hundred dollars a month can mean the difference between keeping your home or losing it to foreclosure.  It’s also liberating to know that in this profession, glass ceilings are no longer hit, they are shattered!  We’ve seen repeatedly that direct selling can survive any economy.  As a matter of fact, this profession thrives in tough economies because people are looking for quality products at a good price delivered to their door.   That extra bit of knowledge, motivation, and opportunity provided by the DSWA makes all the difference.

We are excited to say that what began over a kitchen table discussion in a little condo has grown into an international association boasting members from the U.S., Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.  The processional effect of touching women’s lives has overflowed into direct selling companies, across gender and into the next generation.

One example of this phenomenal momentum is our Build it Big and More Build it Big books. Almost like a Cinderella story, DSWA was approached by a publisher to create its own series of books.  Because of the reach of the DSWA, top performers from across the profession engaged in sharing their best and brightest ideas in order to empower others to success and each book has reached the #1 position on multiple best seller lists.

We have also seen growth within families.  Children raised in direct selling homes follow in their parents’ footsteps by starting their own businesses and, in at least one case, purchased their first home before turning twenty-one.  Another excellent example of the direct selling opportunity is the high success rate of recent immigrants from diverse cultures taking advantage of the American dream!

The DSWA honors and respects the differences in people and recently created the DSWA Diversity Center to better serve all direct selling professionals.  In essence, a new sales community has sprung into existence that is based on the principles that bind us together: Service, Trust, Authenticity, Integrity and Respect.

The DSWA Global Foundation offers scholarships for those who desire to enter the direct selling profession and the children of direct sellers.  The Foundation also provides education about the direct selling profession at high schools, colleges and employment services throughout North America.

If you’ve ever had a thought or have been inspired to create the life of your dreams, than we invite you to discover the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance!


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