Party Plan Catalog Shows Are Gravy!

Catalog shows are easy money for home party plan business consultants.

I mean really think about it, you only have to make a few phone calls and never leave the house to pad your commission check.

Often I hear consultants say that they do not do catalog shows because the do not pan out to much money.


This story shows you how crazy that statement is:

When my rabbit ways sick, and I called the vet, he said:

”Well we don’t get many rabbits in here, so don’t bother, it is not worth my time and energy for that little bit of money……

“Do you believe that?

He did not say anything like that, he said bring the little bunny in and I will see what I can do.

Rabbits are not the vet’s focus and yet he is already in the business of serving pets. He has the veterinary hospital, the animal medicines and the medical assistants already in place so why would he turn away some gravy money?

This was money that he didn’t expect.

I took the bunny in and he charged me $75 for about 15 minutes of time. The next week the bunny was still sick and when I called again he said bring Lil’ Bun-Bun back in.

He charged me $75 again!

Now on the big scheme of things $150 from a little bunny is not much.

You could call it the icing on the cake or the gravy!

Hostess Coaching Catalog Shows To Increase Sales

You are already in the business of handing out catalogs, doing hostess coaching and providing customer service.

Catalog shows are just another way of increasing sales and creating cash flow. Isn’t that what it is all about – really!!

Catalog shows should be a solid 1/3 of your party plan income!!

When you hostess coach your catalog shows just like you would a live show they will produce similar cash flow!

Most consultants do not give the catalog shows much attention so they do not generate much income!  Focus on your catalog shows and you will find that they are easy income!

Pass the gravy, please!

About the Author: Deb Bixler is the 2011 DSWA Speaker Of The Year and the DSWA party plan adviser. Visit her website the party plan training center for real action steps to grow your business: or follow Deb Bixler On Google+ 717-751-2793

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