8 Seasonal Business Ideas that You Can Do Anywhere

Are you thinking of starting a business but worried that you may not be able to give it your 100% commitment throughout the year? In that case you should look at business ideas like catering business or travel planning. For these, you do not need to operate from a specific location; you can set it up anywhere and run it successfully. You could even start off working for it part-time or consider keeping it operational only during specific seasons like a food truck business for the hot summer months when most people are enjoying the outdoors.

  • seasonal business ideas that you can do anywhere:
  1. Food truck business: If the weather is bright and sunny, why not open a food truck business? All you need is nominal upfront cost, a small team of great cooks, and a truck that you can drive to public venues, college campuses, and business centers. These are highly popular for meals on-the-go or for a quick bite.
  2. Personal trainers: Whether summer or winter, you will find people flocking to personal trainers to get into shape to flaunt their bodies in swimwear or wear the perfect black dress for winter parties. This business is easy to set up and given the pandemic, online classes and exercise programs are much in demand. You can maintain an account on Instagram filled with nutrition related advice and wellness quotes to keep your clients informed. Post free workout videos and healthy snack recipes to promote your brand free of cost.
  3. Movers and packers: People are always relocating and movers are always in demand for this reason. The demands are especially high during certain seasons in the college towns. Why not consider setting up a moving business to cater to students relocating into or outside the campus?
  4. Pool cleaning services: When you reside in a neighborhood where many houses have swimming pools, this can be a lucrative business proposition. Whether homes, gyms, or hotels, all these facilities need pool cleaning before summer arrives. So, you can be sure of getting work throughout the swim season when you have to arrange for weekly visits.
  5. Travel Planner: While travel agents may not be getting as many people as they used to earlier because of the convenience of online booking sites that can be accessed by everyone these days, there are still some people who prefer to approach professionals. So, you can always cater to this category of travelers who want the perfect vacation for which they do not have to worry about anything.
  6. Freelance developer: Whether you need help creating a website or tech support for a project, you will require a web developer. So, if you have professional web developing skills you can consider sharing your expertise with customers and get paid in return.
  7. Life/ Career Coach: This can be an excellent seasonal business idea because people experiencing personal, career, or social changes usually look for a life coach. This profession brings in a lot of moolah because life coaches are never cheap. The high fees are justified on grounds that they can give advice and hands-on-training to their clients and help them to make difficult and serious changes in their lives.
  8. Pet sitting business: You practically need nothing to get started with this seasonal business idea. Families will keep going for holidays during winters and summers and they usually prefer to keep their pets at home with pet sitters if they can afford to.