Get More Sales AFTER The Show!

In direct sales, your success is all about attitude. Let’s make an acronym out of the word AFTER so we can get more sales after the home party.

Yes – I am sure you want to wrap your show up quickly but if you did your hostess coaching right then you should be able to wrap it up within a couple days and have a higher level of sales!

  • The A in AFTER stands for attitude.  It always comes back to attitude, doesn’t it?!

Your attitude about the orders before and after the show affects the outcome tremendously.

When you position yourself (positively) with the attitude that it IS  normal for everyone to have orders before and after the actual direct sales party, then they will.

When you position yourself (negatively) that it is hard or pushy, or asking too much of the host, then it will be.

Your attitude will determine your hosts’ willingness to collect orders. So your attitude will determine the outcome. Position yourself as a sales professional that always has good shows for the host, and you always will.

Direct Sales Party Means Fun

When your attitude is positioned professionally and you are asking for what you want, the next step is fun.

  • The most important piece in any home party is FUN! The F stands for FUN!

If the direct sales consultant is not having fun, then the host won’t have fun either. Be silly in your messages, make fun of yourself, tell the host how much fun it is being a consultant.

progress not perfection Have fun!

If you are not having fun, then your host will think it is too much work to collect orders or even to have a show.

Good Consultants Tell Hosts How It Works

A good direct sales consultant takes the time to tell the host how it works.

  • In our acronym AFTER the T stands for TELL.

Tell your host how it works.

We think that she knows how it works and that is because we are conditioned to it.

If the host is not comfortable collecting orders, then she won’t do it.

  • Tell her about how the order forms work, the tax, and the payment plan.
  • Tell her how to take credit cards or who to make the checks out to.
  • Tell her what is on special and tell her word choices on how to generate interest in products.
  • Tell her when we plan to close the show.

BE SPECIFIC and you will get specific are results.

Say: “In order for our guest to get their orders quickly, our goal is to submit the show within 4 days of our show date. It is easier when you collect the money as you go along, instead of having to go back later and collect it”.

This does a few things. First it implies on a subliminal level that we will have time to collect extra orders after the show. It also establishes the fact that we will not be keeping it open for a month, while at the same time encouraging her/him to get the money when the order is placed.

Tell your host how it works so that she/he is comfortable with the process.

When I say TELL. I really mean discuss, explain have a conversation and interact, but tell her the facts. Don’t be wishy-washy!

A Direct Sales Business Is Exciting

  • The E in After stands for Energy or Excited!

Did you notice how we never get away from the Attitude part!

Your energy, enthusiasm and excitement is what makes or breaks your direct sales business. I am talking about physical and emotional energy. When the direct sales consultant is excited and is able to translate that through the phone, letter, card, internet and into the host, then she too will have the energy and enthusiasm to get this train rolling so that we can not stop it after the show is held.

  • Stand up and wave your arms when talking on the phone.
  • Talk in a higher pitch voice. Write hand-write notes… even on your pre-printed cards.
  • Be perky!

You may be saying that Deb is nuts at this point, and it is true that the only time you will come through as being energetic and enthusiastic is when you overact to the point that you think it is ridiculous.

Energy and enthusiasm does not go through the phone, email or other technology based media well. You must over act so that your host catches the energy, excitement and enthusiasm for your business. Then she or he can transfer that to the guests.

Motivate Your Show Hostess For Leads

  • The R in AFTER if for remind, remind, remind.

In order to motivate your show hostess continuously of what your/her goals are.

Every single time you talk, leave a message, or communicate in any way of form,  remind her of the specifics that you are asking for and of the fun and excitement we are all having!

Remind, remind, remind!

Orders After Show = Hostess Coaching

Visit the Cash Flow Show party plan website and listen to the radio show on the 3 contact system of hostess coaching that utilizes ALL technologies.  YOU can guarantee a $1000 show!

Orders after the show are all about hostess coaching and having a plan!

About the Author: Deb Bixler is the 2011 DSWA Speaker Of The Year and the DSWA party plan adviser. Visit her website the party plan training center for real action steps to grow your business: or follow Deb Bixler On Google+ 717-751-2793

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