Remember Names To Increase Sales

As you look out over the sea of faces at your most recent home party, you see some faces you recognize and some you do not.

No problem, right?

As long as you have the products your customers need, then they will buy from you.

That may be true in some cases, but remembering names helps you to increase sales.

Customers want to buy from people that they know and feel comfortable with and the ability to remember names helps you to put clients at ease.

Friends remember friends names!

There are some techniques that you can use to improve your memory, even if you have the worst memory in the world.

As long as you practice some of the more popular memory tactics, then you will be able to remember names and increase your sales.

Pick A Feature And Remember It

Sometimes the silliest things can make extremely effective memory exercises.

  • Did you just meet a new client named Rhonda?
  • Does Rhonda have red hair?

Then the first thing you file into your brain is “red-haired Rhonda” and use that to remember her name.

  • Did you meet someone named Gary?
  • Does Gary have a grey beard?

File into your brain is “Gary Grey Beard” and use that to remember his name.

It doesn’t have to be hair color, but that generally works the well.

Remember that you will be able to recall these names easier the more contact you have with these clients. But when the relationship is first getting underway, memory exercises always help.

Put It In Song

If you listen to a lot of music, then use that to your advantage when you are trying to remember the names of your party guests.

Some people use song titles and other people put new names into the form of a familiar melody and that helps them to remember the names.

The key here is to be able to associate the person’s face with their first name.

Very few people are going to expect you to remember their last name after one or two casual meetings. Use music to improve your memory and see how that works out for you.

Learn How To Remember Names At The Party:

Remembering and using names during the home party will greatly improve your sales!

1. Make Your Own Street

This exercise is a bit complicated, but it does have a fairly high level of success for people.

When you are trying to remember a person’s name, just imagine that person standing on an imaginary street.

If you are at a party, build a street while you go around the room remembering names.

You may have just met a new customer named Joe and your first thought is of Joe standing under an imaginary streetlamp on your imaginary street.

Use that to recall his name each time you want to use his name during the show.

Joan may be the second house and Mary lives in the third, and so on….

Visualize your street occasionally during the show to remember each persons name.

2. Repeat The Name

Another technique to remember names of new people you have met at the party is to repeat their name three times during the introduction and before moving on to someone new.

Whether you are going around the room during the actual show or meeting people as they arrive use their name 3 times in the next minute or so after first hearing it.

Chances are that you will remember a few names and a few is better than none.

You can show your clients some respect and indicate that you pay attention to detail when doing business by remembering their names.

With some simple memory exercises, you can remember people’s names and increase your business as well.

How To Remember Names Audio

Listen to an audio on how to remember names to increase home party sales on Deb’s site, The Cash Flow Show!

Make a decision to remember names and you will get better at it!

About the Author: Deb Bixler is the 2011 DSWA Speaker Of The Year and the DSWA party plan adviser. Visit her website the party plan training center for real action steps to grow your business: or follow Deb Bixler On Google+ 717-751-2793

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