Networking With Vendors At Vendor Events For Leads

One of the biggest misconceptions about network marketing is that a consultant or company has to spend a fortune to become a part of vendor events.

The popular notion is that a company must spend thousands of dollars on a booth and all of the expenses that go with it. The truth is that you can get just as much out of a trade show by being a guest and just talking to vendors.

Let Them Do Their Thing…

The key to successful network marketing is remembering that both you and your target want to talk business. They are their to talk to you and vice versa!

Just because your target spent a lot of money on a booth does not mean that you have to do the same just to talk to him. He/she is there waiting for you!

Load up on business cards, marketing materials and a place to carry materials that you collect before you hit the trade show floor.

Network at Vendor events

Always have something to write with and often a prize drawing slip may be just the thing.  Carry the drawing slips on a itty-bitty clip board with the pen attached by a string or ribbon just as you would if you were working your own booth.

Remember that the people who are running booths are anxious to talk business to anyone who will listen. You need to have your materials on hand in order to present your case to each potential vendor who may be interested.

Listen attentively to the paying vendor and wait for the right time to say:

“Is this a good vendor event? I was thinking about signing my business up for it next year and was wondering if you are getting good leads?”

Well, sure enough, the tides will turn and they will ask you about your business. Be sure not to talk to much. Share a bit and end in a question to keep the dialog open.

Be Memorable

It is easy to make an impression with a trade show booth because there is so much that you can do with it to attract attention. But you have to work a little harder to make a memorable impression on people at a trade show when you do not have a booth to work with.

Being memorable when you do not have a trade show booth can mean something as colorful as wearing an outfit made of your company’s colors topped off by a stylish corporate t-shirt, or it can be something as simple as a slick business suit and a polished look.

Being memorable can be as simple as being happy and fun to talk to! How can YOU make an impression?

It is important that your potential vendors remember you if you want them to do business with you during or after the trade show.

Have Something To Offer

Vendors who have trade show booths have special offers and new products to talk about to the people who visit their booth.

When you are a guest at the show to network with vendors, you also need to have something special to offer that will get people’s attention. You can have product literature on your newest release or perhaps a product that you can show to vendors if you get them interested in your company.

When you are visiting a trade show and networking with vendors, you may feel as though you are at a disadvantage without a booth to back you up. But when you know how to work a trade show floor and network with vendors as a guest, then you can save the money on a booth and still find the business partners you need to be successful.

Learn More About Networking At Vendor Events

Deb Bixler is the DSWA party plan expert. She provides training to the York, PA Chamber of Commerce trade show participants annually on how to qualify leads at the vendor events.

Networking with vendors at vendor events brings you in contact with community businesses, gives you an opportunity to practice your networking skills and also teaches you how to find the best vendor events to pay for a booth at in the future.

About the Author: Deb Bixler is the 2011 DSWA Speaker Of The Year and the DSWA party plan and search engine optimization adviser. Visit her website the CashFlowShow: The largest FREE Direct Sales Party Training center on the web or check out Deb Bixler On Google+ 717-751-2793

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2 Responses to “Networking With Vendors At Vendor Events For Leads”

  1. Barbara says…

    Interesting thought. I have often just brushed off events that I couldn’t afford, but may rethink that and attend with networking in mind. Not to mention that any entrance fee would still be a tax write-off.

  2. Deb Bixler says…

    Cool, Barbara – the holidays is a great time to give it a try and it will also give you networking practice!

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