Start And End Your Team Meetings On Time

If there is one thing your team will not tolerate it is being bored at your meeting. If you want more attendance at your meeting it is essential that they are fun, to the point and start and end on time.

Tips for Starting and Finishing Your Meetings on Time

When it comes to your team meeting planning, you need the right techniques to ensure your meetings start and end on time.

While it’s not always easy to take control of a group, it’s important to establish authority so you can have a successful team meeting that begins and ends when it’s supposed to.

Follow a few simple tips to make sure that your meetings don’t go over schedule next time you plan one.

Time managment tips

Direct Sales Team Meeting Ideas

Let your entire team know the date and time of the meeting, and an hour before the meeting starts send each person a reminder email. This way, they can have the meeting fresh in their minds, and you have a higher likelihood that everyone will show up on time.

Make sure that you arrive on time, and as soon as the meeting begins close the door so any latecomers will have to disrupt the meeting in progress to join the party. Be sure to acknowledge their arrival by politely welcoming them by name, and then continue with the meeting without filling them in. After a small amount of embarrassment and confusion, you can bet that those less time-conscious will be more likely to arrive promptly for future meetings.

Set an alarm on your cell phone to go off 5 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to end. When it goes off immediately begin wrapping up the discussion and announce that the meeting is over. Even if you had to start late, end on time by letting your staff know that their time is important to you and you don’t want to keep them over. If anyone feels they have unfinished business, allow them to stay after the meeting has dispersed but let the rest of your team leave.

Finally, pull aside any latecomers or no-shows and let them know that you recognize their behavior and need it to discontinue.

After all, when you are in the process of team meeting planning you need to know your whole team will be present and on time. In letting your whole team know that you expect promptness you can create a sense of authority, which will lead to greater adherence to time in the future.

The Most Important People At The Sales Meeting Are Already There

When you start and end your meeting on time you will be honoring the ones who are there.  Don’t wait for those who are late!

Incorporate Themes Into Your Training For More Fun

Time is the biggest challenge to any business owner today. Make sure your meetings are respectful of your team’s time and fun so that your team keeps on coming back.

Incorporating some fun meeting themes into your team training will also keep them coming back for more!

About the Author: Deb Bixler is the 2011 DSWA Speaker Of The Year and the DSWA party plan and search engine optimization adviser. Visit her website the CashFlowShow: The largest FREE Direct Sales Party Training center on the web or check out Deb Bixler On Google+ 717-751-2793

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